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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site all about?

Surf Strength & Conditioning is an easy, informative, affordable, flexible way to get stronger and fitter for the surf. It teaches the foundations of strength training and mobility to prepare you for traditional lifting, advanced bodyweight exercises and ultimately, high performance surfing.

The site is organised into different categories;

Sports Rehabilitation
Posture Correction
Bodyweight Strength
Free-weight Strength
Traditional Lifts

This is a lot of content so you will be introduced to new progressions each week.

This program offers 6 levels of membership to choose from:

1. Bodyweight Training

As a member of this program your will receive access to the Bodyweight Strength section of this website. Upon subscription, you will receive access to a comprehensive library of exercises covering the Bodyweight Strength subcategories – shoulders / arms, core, glutes / legs and whole body. Exercises are listed in order of difficulty level, meaning they are listed from easiest (top of list) to hardest (bottom of list). You will have freedom to create your own workouts based on personal weaknesses and specific goals.This library will be yours to consult for an entire year of subscription.

2. Mobility

When tissues (such as muscles) become tight around their insertions, injury follows since there is little room for error. Tissue strains and tautness affects your ability to generate force and causes some funky movement adaptations, further compromising your ability to generate force and power. Often stretching isn’t enough.  As a member of this mobility program you will receive access to a comprehensive library of mobility techniques which address the entire body. You will learn soft tissue techniques, self-mobilisation techniques, active stretches and full-range strengthening. You can choose areas which you know you have issues with or you can choose to learn each technique from the top of the list down. This library will be yours to consult for an entire year of subscription.

3. Traditional Lifts

In this membership, you will learn how to safely and correctly Deadlift, Squat, Pull-Up, Chin-Up, Bench and Military Press. You will also receive exercise variations, regressions and progressions to further your learning and strength progress. Learning how to safely lift and move heavy loads will carry on to greater athleticism and surfing capacity.  Keeping in mind this is a site for surfers, not body-builders, the teaching approach is simple and creative. This library will be yours to consult for an entire year of subscription.

4. Free-Weight Training

Free-weight training includes the use of dumbbells, kettlebells, weight plates, barbells, cable machines, medicine balls, sandbags, sleds, prowlers, ropes and any other object which increases the loading your body is required to overcome. Some free-weight exercises (such as dumbbell overhead pressing) can help you achieve the strength requirements for bodyweight movements (such as a cartwheel or handstand). The reverse can also be true in that bodyweight movements can help you achieve the strength requirements for free-weight exercises. Free-weight exercises can also be used for sports rehabilitation (such as single arm pulling and pushing with the cable machine to strengthen the shoulders) and to assist the main lifts (such as pull-throughs to strengthen the hamstrings for a deadlift). I find that free-weight training is an essential component to a comprehensive and effective training program. This library will be yours to consult for an entire year of subscription.

5. Sports Rehabilitation

This section is not only for those who have had specific injuries. It is also for those who want to stabilise and strengthen their bodies with specifically targeted exercises. In effect, to expand their injury-buffer zones for surfing (and life’s) inevitable curveballs. This is not an online personal training site. Your coach, Michelle, is a qualified Exercise Physiologist and Strength & Conditioning Coach. Michelle receives referrals from physical therapists for sports rehabilitation and progression to functional strength and conditioning. This site, although educational and not prescriptive, will offer insights into potential weaknesses you have and how to erase them from your physical vocabulary. This section involves strength and conditioning exercises for common injury areas to help reduce injury risks, before an injury actually occurs (prehabilitation) or for strengthening a weak or previously injured area (rehabilitation). Permission to start sports rehabilitation by your physical therapist is essential if you have had a serious injury or chronic joint pain of which the cause is not clear. This Sports Rehabilitation section cannot prescribe coaching advice which is specialised for a particular injury and includes Michelle’s most commonly prescribed exercises for typical issues seen amongst clients. The aim is to restore optimal posture and function. This section will focus on full-range, pain-free movement, stability and optimally aligned joints. This library will be yours to consult for an entire year of subscription.  

6. Posture Correction

Good posture is paramount for optimal joint stacking and efficient force production. The exercises in this section are essential to master before progressing on to highly complex, intense movements. If you’ve got a desk or a repetitive physical job, have noticed that your posture is deteriorating and can’t seem to be able to correct your posture anymore, this section is for you. Poor posture doesn’t only look poor and crappy, it displaces natural joint stacking, puts unnecessary stress on your body, leads to leaky force production and potential joint pain and damage. To revamp your skeletal alignment, feel better and surf better – you need to look at what optimal posture is and how to get there.


In the workouts section, you will receive 6 new workouts every 4 weeks, giving you more than enough workouts to cycle throughout your week and keep your body in adaptation mode. Each 4 weeks you will receive one Upper Body Workout, one Lower Body Workout, one Core Workout, one Whole Body Workout, one Calisthenics / Bodyweight Workout and one Main Lifts + Assistance Lifts Workout. This section is available only to those who have a combination of Bodyweight, Free-Weight and Traditional Lifts memberships. This is due to the fact that the exercises are taught within each of these sections and then organised in the Workouts section. If you have these three memberships, you need to contact me to access your Workouts section for free.

Ability Levels

Surf Strength & Conditioning online coaching is suitable for all levels of fitness and strength. Absolute beginners are highly encouraged spend more time upper sections of each exercise list (which are the easier exercises) and also the Sports Rehab section which can be appropriate to those who do not actually need rehab but rather a strong foundation of stability and strength before attempting more complex movement.

Equipment Needed

This Surf Strength & Conditioning site includes a wide range of exercises with or without equipment. If you have access to a commercial gym, that’s great, you will be able to utilise the squat rack, pull-up bars, cable machine, dumbbells, kettlebells, weight plates, swiss balls / exercise balls, medicine balls and BOSU for your Free-Weight and Traditional Lifting memberships. If you do not have access to a commercial gym, travel frequently or are just a gym-hater altogether, that’s great because you can create solid workouts with just a bit of space at home or outdoors.

Outdoors you can use a combo of steps/ledges, kids playgrounds, grass ovals, soft-sand, parks and indoors you can basically get by with a yoga-mat on the floor. Owning a few different sized dumbbells or weight plates may be useful to load up your body where needed. I would suggest having a look at all the exercises first and then deciding if you need to grab any free-weights or an exercise ball. The Surf Strength & Conditioning exercise library offers a wide range of double and single leg/arm versions so that you can increase the difficulty of even the most simple looking movements.

Surf Strength & Conditioning coaching encourages a focus on progressive overload first and then conjugate training second. The former (progressive overload) basically means a gradual increase over time in the weights used for the workout, the amount of repetitions performed or the quality of the repetitions. The latter (conjugate training) basically means that exercises are rotated every 1-2 weeks to provide complexity of movement, variety and continual adaptations.

How often and how long do I need to train to get results?

You can get pretty creative here! This will depend on your current fitness level, your gym experience level and your goals. For example, those with a specific strength building goal will need more intense and frequent sessions than those who are just looking to maintain fitness and strength levels.

In a nutshell, aim for 3-5 days per week of exercise of any kind – this can include strength (recommended 3 intense sessions per week), fitness or mobility sessions. Aim to keep your sessions under 60 minutes. I like to do a bit of mobility work every day.

More workouts per week are not necessarily wiser. Train smarter not harder. Rest is where you will get stronger. If you have a weight loss goal, focus on diet primarily and strength secondary.


To really see the benefits of this membership, aim to stick to it for at least a few months to allow familiarisation and practice of the content – there is a lot to learn! After your purchase of your membership, you will have access to that particular exercise library for one year. You will not be prompted to purchase a membership again.

As the entire exercise library is released upon purchase, rather than drip-fed over time, refunds cannot be issued.

If you have all three Free-Weight, Traditional Lifts and Bodyweight training memberships, contact me to open up your complementary workouts section.

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