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bullet-proof yourself

Expand your injury-buffer zones for surfing (and life's) inevitable curveballs.
For injury prevention (prehabilitation) as well as injury rehabilitation
Stabilise and strengthen your bodies with specifically targeted exercises for the neck, shoulder, back, hip and knee
Restore optimal joint positions and function with full-range, pain-free movement, stability and optimally aligned joints
Immediate access to over 95 sports rehab techniques
Bonus Nutrition and Health section - learn more about your breath, thoughts, food, sleep and lifestyle

Surf Strength & Conditioning is an easy, informative, affordable, flexible way to get more fluid, stronger and fitter for the surf. It teaches the foundations of strength training and mobility to prepare you for longer surf sessions, quicker surf recovery, greater paddle efficiency, bigger and harder turns, fluid surf style and ultimately, higher performance surfing with injury prevention.

This section is not only for those who have had specific injuries. It is also for those who want to stabilise and strengthen their bodies with specifically targeted exercises. Your coach is a qualified Exercise Physiologist and Strength & Conditioning Coach. This site, although educational and not prescriptive, will offer insights into potential weaknesses you have and how to erase them from your physical vocabulary. This section involves strength and conditioning exercises for common injury areas to help reduce injury risks, before an injury actually occurs (prehabilitation) or for strengthening a weak or previously injured area (rehabilitation). Permission to start sports rehabilitation by your physical therapist is essential if you have had a serious injury or chronic joint pain of which the cause is not clear. This Sports Rehabilitation section cannot prescribe coaching advice which is specialised for a particular injury and includes Michelle's most commonly prescribed exercises for typical issues seen amongst clients. The aim is to restore optimal joint positions and function. This section will focus on full-range, pain-free movement, stability and optimally aligned joints. This library will be yours to consult for an entire year of subscription.  

By practicing these comprehensive strength and conditioning training exercises with good form, you can improve your balance, flexibility, mobility, endurance, strength, power and agility for

stronger, more powerful and stylish surfing.

Your cost to access this comprehensive and professional Sports Rehab exercise library is only AUD $79!

As a member of this Sports Rehab program your will receive access to the Sports Rehab section of the Surf Strength & Conditioning website. Upon subscription, you will receive access to a comprehensive library of exercises covering the Sports Rehab subcategories - Neck Rehab, Shoulder Rehab, Back Rehab, Hip Rehab and Knee Rehab. Techniques are provided via Vimeo* streaming with text descriptions provided below each video. You will have freedom to create your own rehab training based on personal weaknesses and specific goals.
*Vimeo is currently blocked in Indonesia.

Move Better. Surf Better