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for nomads, outdoor lovers and gym-haters 

A simple, easy way to get stronger, fitter and more athletic using your bodyweight.
Learn how to use your body in the most mechanically efficient ways
Immediately access over 115 exercises in a structured library
Create your own workouts based on your needs
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels
Bonus Nutrition and Health section - learn more about your breath, thoughts, food, sleep and lifestyle
When this membership is combined with the Free-Weight and Traditional Lifts memberships, you will receive the Workouts section completely free. The Workouts section gives you 6 completely new workouts every month. 

Surf Strength & Conditioning is an easy, informative, affordable, flexible way to get more fluid, stronger and fitter for the surf. It teaches the foundations of strength training and mobility to prepare you for longer surf sessions, quicker surf recovery, greater paddle efficiency, bigger and harder turns, fluid surf style and ultimately, higher performance surfing with injury prevention.
By practicing these comprehensive strength and conditioning training exercises with good form, you can improve your balance, flexibility, mobility, endurance, strength, power and agility for

stronger, more powerful and stylish surfing.


Your cost to access this comprehensive and professional bodyweight exercise library is only AUD $89 !

As a member of this Bodyweight Strength program your will receive access to the entire Bodyweight Strength section of this website. Upon subscription, you will receive access to a comprehensive library of exercises covering the Bodyweight Strength subcategories - Shoulders / Arms Bodyweight, Core Bodyweight, Glutes / Legs Bodyweight and Whole Body Bodyweight. Techniques are provided via Vimeo* streaming with technique descriptions provided in text below each video. You will have freedom to create your own workouts based on personal weaknesses and specific goals.
*Vimeo is currently blocked in Indonesia.

Move Better. Surf Better